case What NEAX2400 IPX Can Do For Your Business?


>>>What NEAX2400 IPX Can Do For Your Business?:
What NEAX2400 IPX Can Do For Your Business?
The NEAX2400 IPX provides a unique set of benefits to users seeking an advanced information system that is both highly flexible and highly reliable. Through the use of state-of-the-art computer-controlled telecommunications technology, the NEAX2400 IPX is able to offer a wide range of features.


Scalability :
Current NEC customers can deploy IP capability with simple upgrades, and our fully IP-ready communications systems are ideal for new customers.
Fully Featured System :
NEAX2400 IPX station users have access to more than 750 service features that enhance productivity, reduce costs and improve communication efficiency
Flexible Line Size:
The modular design of the NEAX2400 IPX enables the growth of the sysytem in a cost-effective manner as your requirements demand.
Flexible Configuration :
The use of a flexible numbering assignment meets all forms of IP network integration services.
Cost Controls :
Features such as Least Cost Routing (LCR), Class of Service (COS) and Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) allow you to control and even reduce costs.
Peer-to-Peer IP Connectivity
The NEAX2400 IPX can support IP switching(Peer-to-Peer), TDM switching, and IP/TDM Switching. Peer-to-Peer IP connectivity offers benefits such as:
High-quality VoIP communications with full telephony services
Automatic Terminal Registration
High reliability and security